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Experience Chipping Norton (ECN) is a unique town project working magic through its digital platform and innovative ventures in the areas of TRADE, TOURISM and COMMUNITY. We use interactive website and multiple social media channels to integrate Chippy’s residents, visitors, businesses, tourism, community groups and charities in an energetic fusion which constantly evolves. Learn More.



We need you to help us keep up with an ever-growing list of plans, projects and visions for Chipping Norton, our character-packed market town at the gateway to the Cotswolds.Become an ECN volunteer. Follow us on social media. Offer your talents or expertise to our expanding team. Frequent our enticing range of independent shops, cafes, restaurants and old-world pubs. Take a Handheld Tour. Engage in #ChippyHour, #LoveChippy, Vines,Pinterest, Facebook, Tweets and sharing of all kinds . . . so contact us here. Can’t wait to greet you! Contact Us!


#LoveChippy And Win

What do you really love about Chippy? Is it the fab food, or those fascinating, one-off shops? Trendy places to dance and drink, or the peaceful, rolling hills? Crazy festivals or mystical spots dating back thousands of years? Show us what Chipping Norton means to you – enter the #LoveChippy photo competition today.